Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yoga Me!

I've been known, once and a while in the past, to tune into FitTv for some feel good, healthful programming. I can’t say that I'm big into those crazy-defined, rippled bodies on the expensive machines, they just seem a little to vain for me, but I am into the shows that foster a sense of mental health and wellbeing along with a fit body.

So as I was flipping though the other day, I seen a yoga show and stopped to watch. It was cool! I've had a little experience with yoga, but this show is so much more. Of course the first thing I noticed was these great locations where they were doing yoga; on the beach, on a pier with the foggy ocean and boats floating by for a backdrop, mountaintops, and even a gritty warehouse somewhere in the city. It really makes you realize how much aesthetics plays a part in getting you in the mood. Just watching those scenes float by as these beautiful women were stretching and breathing and zen-ing was really inspiring. I feel the desire to want to stretch and bend and move my body like they do. They’re amazing! It makes me realize what a perfect body really is; not a 36-34-36 measurement, but a body that is in perfect harmony with the mind. One that can stretch and bend and adapt to its environment. It was inspiring and you should check it out.

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