Monday, March 03, 2008

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

A battle I've always had is keeping my home clean. It’s ironic really, I grew up with a mother who was fanatically clean, spending hours every evening cleaning things she’d only just cleaned the night before. Perhaps I’m still rebelling from that. Regardless, one goal I always have at the beginning of the week is to make the effort to keep my house clutter-free. It's been five years and counting with little success.

Marilu Henner is a firm believer that a clutter-free home equals a clutter-free life. I’ve come to believe her. There is no greater feeling than being in a clean, clutter-free environment. I find that I really just get mad when my house looks like a tornado swept through it. People who live in that way are really only neglecting themselves. I've spent so much time in the past rushing to pick up the house before company arrives (I’ve been known to lie about not being home because my house was too dirty to whip into shape), but what about keeping my home clean for me? Someone once told me they like to keep their house spic and span because they have to live in it. Believe it or not, that was a revelation to me!

So in honor of spring, I resolve to keep my house a little cleaner than I have in the past. Martha Stewart offers just six things you can do every day to keep a clean home, starting with making your bed.

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