Thursday, May 26, 2005

He went to the needy

Somehow, my mind refuses to get over Jesus' initial speech in Luke 4. So I will share a few more thoughts on it. Jesus gave two illustrations to make the point that His people would not receive Him. He said that there were many widows in Israel, but Elijah went to a Phoenician widow. He also said that although there were many lepers in Israel, they were not healed by Elisha, but Naaman the Syrian was. Jesus is saying that God doesn’t have to use Jews. He is saying that you who have it all together, do not need my message; but there are others who do.

So why is it that we are content with hoarding the Gospel to ourselves? Why is it that we think we have it all together? Why can’t we reach out to the needy, the hurting, and the outcasts? This truly is the way of the Master

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