Friday, May 20, 2005

Temptation Review

We have seen that Jesus refused to fulfill His aims through economics (bread from stones, political power (kingdoms of this world), and religious popularity (sudden appearing in the temple). So, what course did Jesus take? The venue Christ chose for His kingdom is a rather shocking choice. He chose to build His society from the bottom up rather than by controlling the powers that be. He built His kingdom with those who didn’t fit into man’s power structures. So why is it that we try to “make change for God” through politics and the powerful? Why can’t we lay aside our pride and take our message to the lowly? After all, Jesus did say that the last will be first.

P.S. Yes I am a pacifist, but not the kind that tries to bring world peace by worldly ways.

P.S. #2 For more on this idea check out Kyle Williams.

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