Saturday, May 14, 2005

What is the Way of the Master

The way of the Master is the path that all who follow Christ will take. It is an adventure with many dangers and hardships. It is also a journey of real fulfillment. Christ is calling more to walk with Him. Those who take this path will never be the same; they will never be able to fit in with the rest of society again. The ways of the Master will change and shape them into revolutionaries bent for the coming of the Kingdom.

The Way of the Master is…
  • The way of peace
  • The way of love
  • The way of joy
  • The way of faith
  • The way of life
  • The way of truth
  • The way of suffering

If you are walking this path or wish to learn from the Master join us in a study of the teachings of the Master. We will soon be accepting essays and we will be doing a study of the life and ministry of Jesus.

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