Friday, March 14, 2008

Carol Alt: Supermodel and Raw Food Revolutionary

For anyone else watching The Celebrity Apprentice, you’ve no doubt noticed how stunning Carol Alt looks. The biggest secret she's hiding is that she's 47! It’s surely not possible for someone to look that good naturally at 47. But she does, and I think she's found the fountain of youth. It’s a raw food diet. She claims no needle has ever come close to her wrinkle-free face.

A raw food diet is different from vegan; raw-foodists eat raw meat and unpasteurized dairy. Shocking I know! I personally can't jump on board with the raw meat thing, but I’ve never been a great meat eater anyway, so considering a raw vegetarian diet is something I’m interested in.

Carol says that at the age of 34 and the height of her career she was feeling worn down and sick on a regular basis. Prescriptions for insomnia, headaches and sinus problems became her daily life. After nearly losing out on modeling jobs, she sought out a holistic solution. Thirteen years and two books later she's found it. It’s raw food and she swears by it. Studies have shown that as soon as food hits the heat the very enzymes and vitamins that make it so inherently good for us immediately diminish. It’s also harder for the human body to digest cooked foods.

Carol now says she feels better than she did in her twenties, and she certainly looks it! I’ve never been one to commit 100% to any one diet, I am very interest in learning more about this one and many incorporating some its principles into my own eating habits. While I’m not willing to reach for the raw chicken breast just yet, I think I will be seeking out Carol Alt’s book the next time I hit the bookstore.

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